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This listing was compiled by Mark Samwick, former Movies Forum manager on the now-defunct National Videotex Network (NVN). Copyright 1993-2004. (Feel free to reference this web page from your own as long as this notice remains intact and unaltered.) Formerly called Nom de Plume.

Due to receiving numerous complaints from their clients, the U.S. Marshals Service has strongly suggested that I no longer include on my listing the names of individuals currently participating in their Witness Relocation Program. Since this was obviously a very touchy point with them, and since several of my past year's federal tax returns might not be quite up to intensive scrutiny, effective April 1, 1997, you will have to seek out those names from a different source.

Did I miss any? Are you a fan of a actor, actress, athlete, historical figure, artist, writer, celebrity or otherwise notorious individual who uses a pseudonym, but is not yet listed here? Well then, tell me about them and I'll add them to the next edition! It's a real breeze to reach me:
		     Facsimile: 1-419-793-2663
		      Internet: mark @

		     Key to Abbreviations Used In These Pages
			   aka: Also Known As
			    nn: nickname
			 bxxxx: year of birth (e.g., b1901)
			 dxxxx: year of death (e.g., d1989)


I assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions, or for any injury, physical or financial, that may befall you because of your use herein. Do not use this list while under the influence of any stimulants or silliness may occur. Offer void in Wisconsin, and in parts of the Gamma Quadrant.

Wanna know if any of the folks on my lists, or any other celebrities for that matter, are alive or dead?
Then check out Jim Peterson and Laurie Mann's Dead People Server!
They keep up with the lives and deaths of actors, actresses, writers, athletes, politicians, popes and kings!

Nom De Guerre - The Home Game!

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Now you can play Nom de Guerre at home. That's right, now you can moonlight as a Nom de Tective! Select the icon at left to view a search list of possible NdG possible additions, and then use the Internet, your encyclopedia, your local public library, your mother-in-law, or the neighborhood know-it-all to find their real names. When you find one, email me with all the information, including complete details on where I can confirm the information (web site address, or book name, edition and page number, mother-in-law's phone number, etc.). Many of the names that I include on my search list may already be the real names of the celebrities in question, but they just sound like nicknames, so I've placed them there until proven otherwise. I'll also entertain names that you think should be added to the search list. So grab a magnifying glass and join the search! Good hunting!

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